Friday, June 20, 2014

Embracing Change


It is constant, and the one thing that we can count on is that it will be different.
This isn't a bad thing or a good thing it just is what it is.

Most days I like change.

But there are a few days that I don't. It isn't because I don't mind learning, growing, being challenged or having my life turned upside down.

On those days that I don't like it, it is because my capacity to see the good in all of my circumstances has been pushed to the point of almost breaking.

I have learned that I won't break. 
But sometimes the hurt and disappointment are overwhelming.
And then I remember that Heavenly Father watches over all of us, and I am okay.

I have learned that all of the life dynamics I have experienced have made me more resilient than I ever could have imagined to be possible. 
Stronger than I often want to be.
More compassionate.
More interested.
More distracted by beauty.
More desirous of grace.

Embracing change allows me to look at others with love and compassion instead of judging or envy.

And I like that reflection.


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